Sunday, 18 October 2009


So this is the week the BNP are going to appear on the BBC's Question Time. I have mixed feelings about this and having listened to the many arguments for and against I am still no clearer on where I stand. On the one hand, I understand those that claim that only when we expose the policies of Nick Griffin's party to the full media glare will we be be able to challenge them and they will be made to look ridiculous. Certainly many had that view on Question Time last week. Debate them out in the open and they will left looking foolish. But is this just naive? This is not the Monster Raving Loony Party we are dealing with or some amateur politician new to the political process of debating. Nick Griffin is an astute political leader and as much as I deplore his polices he is no fool. He knows his target demographic and you can guarantee that given a platform he will be aiming his message for them come Thursday. Perhaps we should not forget that Hitler came to power through the ballot box. A legitimate political party does not make extremist ideas right. They may have won seats in the European Parliament but that does not mean that their views are necessarily widespread and why should they be given a political platform? The BNP can stage rallies and hold public meetings to spread their ideas but should we really give them a nationwide audience? A member of the public suggested on Thursday that the danger in allowing the BNP on was that more people, not less became attracted to their policies. Giving them legitimacy by allowing them on question time means that is the risk the BBC have taken - is it worth the risk? I think I know where I stand now!!

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