Saturday, 3 October 2009

Media Frenzy

I haven't posted for a wee while due to various factors but I am now back!
So much has been going on this week! Mandy makes the Labour Party Conference laugh, Sarah Brown makes them cringe and The Sun has made everyone grumpy - was anyone surprised by their decision? Personally I think that the influence of The Sun's switch will be limited. Murdoch is following public opinion not leading it. It was hardly a brave, daring or controversial mood. I think people over estimate the power of the media these days and the fact is we have become as cynical about our media as we are about our politicians. Interesting that the Scottish Sun is failing to endorse any political party at the moment. Maybe they will sit on the fence and start backing the Scottish Liberal Democrats!!
So the Tories are up next week. Already they have announced plans for free care for the elderly as a response to Labour's pledge last week. I can't help thinking that if the Conservatives are to win big then they might actually have to start leading on policy rather than following in the footsteps of the flailing Labour party. At least we have a real alternative in Scotland! Interesting that Labour have pledged to have a referendum on the electoral system (this will obviously NEVER happen if Labour retain government). It will be interesting to see how they can justify a referendum on one subject to appease the Liberal voters yet continue a campaign to deny the Scottish people a referendum on their future - is it not all in the name of better democracy?

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  1. If we didn't have a real alternative in Scotland, I think I would be tempted to spoil my ballot paper!
    The proposed referendum on voting reform has only reinforced the SNP's right to have a referendum on the future of Scotland - Labour shot themselves in the foot with that one!
    I see that GB has agreed to the SKY debate - if the others agree to it that is. Could be interesting to see who comes out of that one well, if anyone. It does however smack of 'Americanisation' of UK politics; but did Sarah B not just do that at the conference with her saccharine introduction of hubby Gordon?
    Interesting times ahead...